Pollinators are Essential to our Food Supply | Meat Your Future

Pollinators Are Essential To Our Food Supply

Apart from being beautiful, butterflies pollinate plants. Pollinators — like bees, bats and butterflies — help pollinate 35% of the world’s food, a service worth billions of dollars each year (if not more). […]

Animals Are Here With Us, Not For Us | Meat Your Future

Animals Are Here With Us, Not For Us

Why do we think other animals are here for our use and disposal?…that crocodiles are here to be skinned for our bags and belts; that cows are here for leather; that insects are to be crushed for food color dyes; and so on? […]

75% Arctic Ice Loss | Meat Your Future

We’ve Lost 75% of Arctic Sea Ice in 30 Years

The summer-low volume of Arctic ice was estimated to have decreased by about 75% over approximately 30 years (from 1979 to 2011).* In fact, for the first time in human history, we might soon be able to actually sail all the way to the North Pole in the summer. […]

Who Cares If Frogs Go Extinct? | Meat Your Future

Who Cares If Frogs Go Extinct?

Amphibians have existed for about 300 million years. But, since 1950, they have experienced a pervasive decline. Over one hundred species have gone extinct due to human activities, with one in three remaining amphibian species currently at risk of extinction. […]

Earth Overshoot Day 2018 | Meat Your Future

Earth Overshoot Day 2018: Are You Worried?

Today – August 1, 2018 – is “Earth Overshoot” day. It’s the date when humanity’s demand for ecological resources and services in a given year exceeds what the Earth can regenerate in that year. […]

Earth: The Only Home We Have | Meat Your Future

Earth: The Only Home We Have

The Apollo 11 crew took this beautiful “Earthrise” photo. And, as Carl Sagan said: “Like it or not, for the moment, the Earth is where we make our stand.” […]

Save Water - Go Vegan | Meat Your Future

Save Water – Go Vegan

According to the water footprint network, it takes a staggering 15,415 liters of water to produce just a single kilogram of beef. […]