Compassion of Kiss of Judas | Meat Your Future

Compassion or Kiss of Judas? A Frightened Bull’s Plea for Mercy

According to the Spanish animal protection agency Prado, when in the plaza trying to avoid death, this bull recognized the man who was his breeder and caretaker. They say the frightened animal approached the man looking for protection, but instead received a kiss that sealed his fate (referred to as the “Kiss of Judas”). […]

The Titanic and Animal Agriculture | Meat Your Future

The Titanic and Animal Agriculture

104 years ago today, on the morning of April 15,1912, the RMS Titanic sank on its maiden voyage from the UK to New York. It was the largest passenger steamship at the time, said to be “indestructible”. Yet it struck an iceberg and sank, resulting in the death of over 1,500 passengers. The Titanic operators received (but largely ignored) warnings from nearby ships about icebergs. […]

Livestock and The Sixth Mass Extinction | Meat Your Future

Livestock and the Sixth Mass Extinction

Is the sixth mass extinction already under way? Scientists from Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton and UNAM University say it is. Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa explores this alarming conclusion, the destructive role that livestock plays in the looming crisis, and what scientists say we must do now to avoid an ecosystem collapse. […]

Did the White House ignore animal agriculture's impact on climate change? | Meat Your Future

Did The White House Miss Something on Climate Change?

On Monday, the Obama Administration released a 332-page report on the threat from climate change. U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy said, “we see a more clear picture of the extent to which climate change is going to impact health, and it’s not a pretty picture.” […]

Milk and Dairy: Top Health Concerns | Meat Your Future

Milk and Dairy: Top Health Concerns

Serious health problems are associated with dairy. This should not really be a surprise given that no other species consumes milk regularly past weaning or from another species. […]

Go Vegan to End World Hunger | Meat Your Future

Want to Help End World Hunger? Go Vegan.

If we stopped eating animal foods and ate plant foods instead, we would have enough to feed an additional 4 billion people, according to a report from scientists with University of Minnesota’s Institute on the Environment. […]