Temple Grandin has a very confusing message about animals | Meat Your Future

Temple Grandin and Confusing Ethics About Animals

Today is Temple Grandin’s 69th birthday. A spokesperson and consultant for the livestock industry, her work in the field of animal facilities design has earned her recognition from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers, most notably for the adaptation of curved corrals intended to reduce stress and injury to animals being led to slaughter. […]

Vegan Basics | Meat Your Future

Vegan Basics

This short 30-minute video provides a general overview of what veganism is, why it’s an important topic for public discourse, as well as the key health, ethical, environmental and human rights issues involved. […]

Fishes are Sentient and Feel Pain | Meat Your Future

Fishes Are Not Swimming Vegetables

Fishes look different with their adaptations for living in water. They may not scream like a human, dog or cow when they are hurt, and we may not find them “cuddly” or as relatable due to characteristics like not having eyelids (which are not needed in water). […]