Why Must We Enslave Animals?

Why Must We Enslave Animals? | Meat Your Future
Photo: Huella Vegana

This image might look “sweet” on the surface, but the apes on the other side of the glass (like all animals) are not here for us – not to entertain us, to be burned in experiments, to have their body parts eaten or worn, to have their milk taken, to be crushed for color dyes (as insects are), or otherwise.

Their lives belong to them, not us.

With regard specifically to zoos, while many zoos claim to provide conservation awareness and education, in reality, they are essentially animal prisons in the business of promoting attractions to maximize attendance and ticket sales.

We have no right to cage and subject animals to life imprisonment for our petty amusement or entertainment. Instead of zoos, please support sanctuaries whose mission is solely to provide for the interests of the animals in their care (not to maximize attendance and ticket sales), and that ultimately try to rehabilitate animals back into the wild whenever possible.

In the end, the cruelty we are inflicting upon countless billions of sentient animals for our trivial and unnecessary purposes is beyond comprehension. It needs to stop. And the only way it will stop is for more and more individuals to take responsibility and go vegan, by discontinuing our consumption and use of animal products.

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