Is Animal Abuse a Tradition Worth Continuing?

Is Animal Abuse a Tradition Worth Continuing? | Meat Your Future
Photo credit: Melissa Phillip, Houston Chronicle Staff

This picture was taken last week at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, in the city where we live. It’s but a single picture of the many roping and other competitions that use animals at these events.

The rodeo is a big deal here in Houston. It’s considered the city’s “signature event” attracting over TWO MILLION people every year for livestock competitions, pig racing, barbecue cook-offs, and other shows and activities.

Couldn’t we instead create this type of enthusiasm in another direction? How wonderful would it be to see millions of people coming together to stand up for animals who are needlessly exploited and abused, rather than celebrating it? We believe this is already happening.

With the increasing awareness of the livestock industry’s devastating global environmental impact, along with people opening their eyes to the heartbreaking cruelty necessarily involved in using animals for food, entertainment, fashion and the like, we believe a massive shift is already underway. But, it requires ongoing persistence and diligence from those who have become aware of these problematic issues.

Let’s do it…for nonhumans and humans alike!

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