How Was Your Bacon/Pork/Ham Killed?

Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

This image has been making the rounds as We Animals documented pigs being clubbed to death in Thailand.

But what about *your* bacon, ham, pork? How were pigs killed for you?

Pigs are smarter than dogs. Not that it matters morally, but with so many people attached to their dogs while gorging on things like bacon, we think it’s worth noting. More importantly, like dogs (and other animals), pigs are sentient and have the capacity to suffer.

We have been to a slaughterhouse that kill pigs ourselves, here in the West. If you think it’s somehow better or more “humane” over here, then you are very mistaken.

Watching pigs do whatever they could to try not to be killed was heartbreaking. They were electrically shocked to “stun” them, hung upside-down, and had their throats slit open. They are then dunked in scalding hot water to remove their hair, with some inevitably not dead or fully unconscious at that stage, meaning they died being boiled alive.

Every single pig who is killed for food endures a violent, terrifying and premature death against his or her will – whether it occurs in Thailand, the US, Mexico, China – ANYWHERE.

And not just pigs. Cows, fishes, goats, chickens, and other animals are also sentient and suffer immensely in all the ways we exploit them – be it for their flesh, their milk, their eggs, their fur, their skins, their feathers, or otherwise. And they all have a violent and terrifying death in the slaughterhouse.

Please think rationally about all this, and stop consuming animals and their byproducts. It’s literally the very least we can do, if we believe that animals matter at all.

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