Why Must We Enslave Animals? | Meat Your Future

Why Must We Enslave Animals?

Animals are not here for us – not to entertain us, to be burned in experiments, to have their body parts eaten or worn, to have their milk taken, to be crushed for color dyes (as insects are), or otherwise. […]

Care About World Hunger? Then Go Vegan | Meat Your Future

Care About World Hunger? Then Go Vegan.

There are many issues that contribute to world hunger, including geopolitical instability and distribution problems. But a significant overriding issue is that producing animal foods wastes a tremendous amount of calories and agricultural resources. […]

A Baby Killing a Baby | Meat Your Future

A Baby Killing A Baby

For a moment, this sweet calf might actually think he found a friend in a human. But this little boy is actually going to use the baby calf for stabbing practice. […]