Mother Possum Shot With Arrow Still Nursing Her Baby

Photos: via Daily Mail

A live possum was found with an arrow through her chest, still nursing her baby. She was later euthanized as her lung was badly injured.

Imagine for a moment having an arrow through your body while your baby, who you are desperately trying to nourish and protect, nurses from you. This poor mother was unable to move, and must have been suffering in unimaginable fear, distress and pain.

Consider all of the other animals who are “hunted” too, shot with guns or arrows, running away in severe agony, and never to be found as they slowly die (including countless fish who are impaled (hooked) through the face and caught for “fun”, many killed and others released severely traumatized and injured).

Why do we humans do this? Why must we harm other animals unnecessarily? Why can’t we just leave them alone?

Why must this innocent baby have his one and only mother violently and thoughtlessly killed?

And why must countless billions of other animals be violently killed against their will for meat, dairy, eggs, leather, wool and other products no one needs? Make no mistake, the animals used for food and clothing suffer every bit as much as this poor possum.

We humans are imposing unspeakable harm and violence on the most vulnerable beings among us.

Please don’t hunt them. Please don’t eat them. Please don’t wear their skins or furs.

Simply put, please don’t harm them when you don’t need to. Be vegan. Really, it is the very least we can do.

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