Carbs: Friend Not Foe

Carbs: Friend Not Foe

It seems everyone these days is worried about carbs. People worry that eating them will lead to weight gain, or that they are simply unhealthy and must be avoided. This article and accompanying video discuss whether this concern is justified. […]

Should You Be Eating Fish? | Meat Your Future

Should You Be Eating Fish?

Many people equate eating fish with doing something good for their health. But is it really? Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa discusses this largely misunderstood topic. […]

Two Legged Piget | Meat Your Future

The Two Legged Piglet

A pig born with only two front legs became well known in China, as she learned to balance and walk despite her condition. Her strong will and determination to live with only two front legs seems to really inspire our compassion and sympathy. […]

Vince the Rhino - Killed at Zoo | Meat Your Future

Vince the Rhino: Killed at a Zoo

Vince, a young four year old white rhinoceros, was brutally poached and killed at a zoo outside Paris earlier this year. If this could happen in the relative security of a zoo, what hope is there for the remaining free-living animals in the wild? […]

Vegan Basics | Meat Your Future

Vegan Basics

This short 30-minute video provides a general overview of what veganism is, why it’s an important topic for public discourse, as well as the key health, ethical, environmental and human rights issues involved. […]

Inky The Octopus | Meat Your Future

Inky’s Great Escape, Eating Octopuses Alive, and More

Inky the octopus made headlines for boldly escaping from an aquarium. But we use these highly intelligent and sentient animals as mere objects for consumption, sometimes even eating them alive. This video explores these issues related to octopuses as well as our use of nonhuman animals more broadly. […]

Vitamin B12 | Meat Your Future

Vitamin B12 – Questions Answered

Dr. Pineda Ochoa discusses the current information about vitamin B12 – what it is, what are the causes and prevalence of deficiencies, and what are the best sources. […]

Livestock and The Sixth Mass Extinction | Meat Your Future

Livestock and the Sixth Mass Extinction

Is the sixth mass extinction already under way? Scientists from Stanford, Berkeley, Princeton and UNAM University say it is. Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa explores this alarming conclusion, the destructive role that livestock plays in the looming crisis, and what scientists say we must do now to avoid an ecosystem collapse. […]

Rethinking Eggs | Meat Your Future

Rethinking Eggs

Should you be eating eggs? There are serious health, safety, environmental and ethical issues implicated by the production and consumption of eggs. Dr. Sofia Pineda Ochoa discusses these issues in this short video summary. […]