Protein and Bone Health | Meat Your Future
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Animal Protein and Bone Health

Does animal protein in our diet result in higher risk of bone fractures and osteoporosis? It appears so. A broad array of clinical epidemiological studies has found a […]

Protein Basics | Meat Your Future

Protein Basics

There are many misconceptions about dietary protein. This first video chapter is intended to provide the fundamental basics of what protein is, what essential amino acids and complete proteins are, and the primary differences (and similarities) between plant and animal sources of protein. […]

Animal Protein and Cancer | Meat Your Future

Animal Protein and Cancer

This video chapter summarizes the medical literature addressing the links between animal protein consumption and increased cancer risk. […]

Meat Your Future Is Live!

Website Pre-Launch

We have taken the website “live” in order to complete some final technical work. If you happen to visit the website during this time, please feel free to explore the draft content that’s currently posted, but keep in mind that it is not yet finalized. […]