Mothers and Babies Discarded as "Garbage" | Meat Your Future

Mother and Babies Discarded as “Garbage”

Most people claim to respect and care about animals. Yet, at the same time, most people also pay for a relentless holocaust imposed on countless billions of sentient animals, simply because they like eating their flesh, eggs and milk. […]

Baby Elephant Tries to Revive His Poisoned Mother | Meat Your Future

Baby Elephant Tries to Revive Mother

Fourteen elephants were found dead in a Malaysian forest. They were apparently poisoned, with nearby palm oil plantations and logging concessions being the likely culprits, as both view elephants as “pests.” […]

Cancer and Dairy: Experts Are Concerned. Are You? | Meat Your Future

Dairy and Cancer: Experts Are Concerned. Are You?

After analyzing the risk for female cancers across 5 continents and 40 countries, researchers concluded that they are most concerned about the role of dairy. That’s right. Dairy is strongly associated with increased ovarian, uterine and breast cancers. […]