Vegan Food Is Delicious! | Meat Your Future

Vegan Food Is Delicious!

From the most healthy foods to the most decadent desserts, eating a diet without animal products does not mean deprivation. […]

Must He Be Skinned for Your Clothes? | Meat Your Future

Must He Be Skinned For Your Clothes?

Like billions of animals, this rabbit was bred for the knife – to be skinned for clothing. But we don’t need his skin. Nor do we need the skin, fur, feathers or anything else from any animal to clothe ourselves. […]

Is Dairy Worth This? | Meat Your Future

Is Dairy Worth This?

Calves are forced to wear these spiked muzzle so their mothers reject them, to prevent them from drinking their mother’s milk. […]


Do Our Food Choices Contribute to World Hunger?

Today, nearly a billion people suffer from malnutrition due to lack of food. One overriding issue is that we are using massive amounts croplands to produce feed for “livestock” animals instead of food for humans. […]