Eating Animal Foods Means Violence Against the Most Vulnerable

Eating Animal Foods Means Violence Against the Most Vulnerable | Meat Your Future

All animals value their own lives. They have the capacity to suffer and feel pain, and do not want to be killed – not for your chicken sandwich, for your bacon, for your cheese, for your egg omelet, for your seafood, for your beef, or for anything else.

Just like us, they fear death and fight for their lives until the very end.

Must we exploit and kill animals against their will for food, clothing or any other such purpose? The answer is a resounding, no, we absolutely do not.

Let’s be clear. No mainstream medical or nutritional organization anywhere maintains that humans need one single gram of animal foods for optimal health. We can easily thrive on a plant-based vegan diet. Indeed, the weight of medical science is showing more and more how animal foods increase our risk of the most serious chronic diseases that plague our society, like diabetes, heart attacks, strokes, obesity, and cancer.

So, once we consider this, why on earth would we continue to exploit and kill untold billions of vulnerable animals to feed ourselves foods that we don’t need (and are, in fact, would be healthier avoiding altogether)?

Harming and killing vulnerable animals when we don’t need to is violent, plain and simple, and no matter how supposedly “humane” it is claimed to be done.

If you are against violence and cruelty against the vulnerable, but you are not yet vegan, then please reflect seriously on that, align your own values with your daily actions, and go vegan.

For all of us with access to basic food options, going vegan is incredibly easy, and it also happens to be one of the best actions you can take to reduce your environmental and carbon footprint on the planet.

So what you are waiting for? Make today the first day of your new vegan life.

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