We Don’t Have to Betray Animals

We Don't Have to Betray Animals | Meat Your Future

A little boy cries as he gives away the individual who he has been raising and caring for.

Our understanding is that his mother posted these images, saying something to the effect of how proud she was of her son understanding the “way of life”.

We believe the boy and his mother genuinely believe we need to kill and eat animals, including an animal who this child learned to love.

But what a tragedy, for everyone involved, but especially the cow who paid the ultimate price with an unnecessary, violent and early death.

We humans are also paying a serious price for exploiting animals, with animal agriculture devastating the very environment that supports us. Wild animals suffer too, as their habitats are destroyed for the number one driver of deforestation (being animal agriculture), and with so many species going extinct right now that scientists have already classified our time as the Sixth Mass Extinction in earth’s history.

But, back to this poor cow. She does not deserve to be exploited and killed under any circumstance. Please do not be fooled into thinking that animal products labeled “humane”, “farm-raised”, “grass-fed”, or similar are any better. Horrific suffering, harm and violence for these vulnerable animals is always involved, no matter what the label.

There is absolutely no need to exploit animals for food or other purposes in 2019. For all of us with access to basic food options, we can easily eat plant foods instead of animal foods. It’s a lot healthier, it’s urgently needed for the environment, and it’s the right thing to do. Please go vegan.

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