Polar Bear Hugs Her Baby – Are Your Actions Hurting Them?

Polar Bear Hugs Her Baby - Are Your Actions Hurting Them? | Meat Your Future

Polar bears depend on sea ice, which is forming later in the fall and disappearing earlier in the spring. The environment is changing drastically due to our activities, and a lot of animals (including polar bears) are not able to adapt.

Combating climate change will require BOTH changing our energy production to clean renewable energy AND urgently moving away from animal-based agriculture.

According to the United Nations FAO and others, the livestock sector is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than ALL FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION COMBINED (i.e., more than all cars, planes, boats, trains, trucks and other vehicles taken together).

We simply cannot avert climate catastrophe without dealing urgently with our dietary choices, and we have an ever narrowing window to get it right (only 12 short years according to the IPCC).

If haven’t already, please familiarize yourself with these issues and go vegan. While also improving our personal health and withdrawing support for an industry that unnecessarily brutalizes and kills billions of sentient animals every year, it is now also an urgently needed action to protect the only planet we have.

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