Female Bullfighter Gored in Face – Yet Bull Suffered Far Worse

Hilda Tenorio was badly injured a few days ago when she was gored by a bull’s horn that reportedly fractured both of her cheekbones and upper jaw.

According to news reports, this is the second time this 32 year old lawyer and bullfighter has been gored, the previous time at age 16 and requiring 80 stitches.

While we hope Ms. Tenorio recovers fully, we remain perplexed and saddened that this barbaric “tradition” of animal torture still exists.

What exactly is entertaining about watching a weakened, confused and frightened animal, bleeding from lances in his back, being taunted, mutilated and killed in an arena? Why does she or anyone wish to inflict such cruelty on anyone?

As a civilization hopefully worthy of that term, we hope we can swiftly end this barbaric practice.

We also hope that we can soon end the equally unnecessary and cruel practice of using animals for food, clothing and other purposes, which also involves immense cruelty and death for countless billions of sentient animals every year.

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