100 Year Old Alligator Killed for Being an Alligator

Photo: Blake Godwin

A hunting guide in Florida shot this alligator, who is estimated to have been around 100 years old.

He killed him, well, because he “likes” to shoot alligators and guide hunts. He reportedly said the alligator could have attacked livestock, because of where the alligator had come to drink water.

The guide said he has been hunting for 18 years and plans to display the alligator’s corpse at hunting shows, since he is so “proud” of this being the largest animal he ever killed.

So, basically, this alligator was killed simply for being an alligator. That’s it.

Indeed, all of the animals we exploit are harmed and killed simply because they are not human – whether it’s the orangutans we decimate to grow palm oil; the cows will kill because we want leather; the minks we killed because we want fur; the pigs we kill because we want bacon – it’s all the same.

But guess what, humans? Other animals were on this planet long before we ever existed, and they are not here for us to exploit and harm for our trivial and unnecessary purposes.

Further still, our mass exploitation of nonhuman animals (particularly for food) is unsustainably and irreparably destroying the environment that supports us all.

When will we wake up and stop hurting animals? What will it take for us to do that? Until our planet is destroyed and it’s too late?

Please embrace your compassion and common sense and stop exploiting animals. Don’t eat them. Don’t hunt them. Don’t wear them. At a minimum, please just leave them alone.

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