Koalas Are Going Extinct, Because of You and Me?

Photo: Getty Images via BBC

The Australian Koala Foundation reported that koalas have now become “functionally extinct” (meaning they are unlikely to produce the next generation).

Koalas are dying from human-caused deforestation (losing their habitats) and with more frequent heatwaves from global warming (with reports of thousands perishing of dehydration).

And, it’s not just koalas. We are in the midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction, caused entirely by humans – by you and me.

So, what is it that you and I are doing that’s causing this crisis?

The main cause is habitat destruction. There are several important factors at play, but it is animal agriculture that is the biggest driver of habitat loss and deforestation globally.

This is because animal agriculture (i.e., using animals for food) occupies more land on the planet than any other human activity, consuming an unbelievable **45%** of the earth’s ice-free surface (per International Livestock Research Institute).

In fact, if we stopped eating meat and dairy altogether, we could more efficiently feed the world while, at the same time, reduce global farmlands by more than **75%** – an area equivalent to the size of the U.S., E.U., China and Australia combined (per Journal Science).

The livestock sector is also responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than ALL FORMS OF TRANSPORTATION COMBINED – more than all cars, planes, boats, trains, trucks and other vehicles on the planet taken together (per United Nations FAO and others).

So, if we want to save the koalas and other species with whom we share this planet, then we need to massively and urgently move away from animal products and towards vegan diets.

These stakes could not be higher and our window of opportunity to act is quickly narrowing. If you haven’t already, please familiarize yourself with these issues, go vegan, be mindful of your other environmental impacts on the planet, and help raise awareness in any way you can.

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