Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Vegan Thanksgiving from Meat Your Future

We are so thankful for our friends, family and good fortune. However, we will not be celebrating our thankfulness today by consuming a turkey’s body (or any other animal foods).

It’s important to know what turkeys (and other animals) experience before you buy and cook them.

When it’s time for slaughter, after a short life usually spent in miserable conditions, the stressed birds are roughly transported in all weather conditions to the slaughterhouse. For those who survive this journey (millions don’t), they are roughly unloaded and hung upside down in shackles, and then subjected to electrical shocks intended to paralyze them. But, many birds miss the shock and others are otherwise not paralyzed, resulting in many being fully conscious when their throats are slit. Even worse, some birds who are not paralyzed will miss (or be non-lethally injured by) the blade. For these unfortunate turkeys, their final moments will be the horror of dying when they are dunked into scalding hot water used to remove their feathers.

It doesn’t make sense to say “thank you” by supporting such unnecessary animal suffering and killing. You can give thanks and celebrate a wonderful Thanksgiving while also honoring and respecting life.

Please go vegan — for animals, for the environment and your health.

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