Kaiser Permanente Recommends Plant-Based Diets

Kaiser Permanente recommends plant-based diets | Meat Your Future

Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest managed care groups in the U.S. with over 17,000 physicians and over 9 million members, believes that: “Further research is needed to find ways to make plant-based diets the new normal for our patients and employees.”

Note that they are NOT saying additional research is needed to prove the well-established health benefits of vegan plant-based eating. Rather, more research is needed on how to make it the “new normal.”

They are encouraging their physicians to proactively recommend plant-based diets, which exclude all animal products (i.e., no fish, eggs, dairy, poultry, meat, etc.).

Widespread adoption of vegan diets would significantly improve the health of their enrollees and lower healthcare costs. Moreover, a large-scale shift away from animal products would dramatically reduce the environmental devastation caused by livestock, and, of course, withdraw support for the needless suffering and death inflicted on animals used for food.

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