A Reminder About Roosters on this Chinese New Year

In the Chinese lunar calendar, we are leaving the year of the monkey and starting the year of the rooster. So, Happy New Year!

The irony, however, is that countless millions of “roosters-to-be” (baby male chicks) will not have a happy year at all. Actually, they don’t even get to experience much of anything during their tragically short lives, except a brief glimpse of a brutal reality followed by a terrifying death.

You see, in the egg industry, male chicks have no value as they will never lay eggs and have not been bred to grow fast enough for their “meat”. As such, they are “discarded” en masse right after hatching, most commonly by either being ground-up alive in “macerators” or dumped into large plastic bags where they slowly suffocate and die.

Commoditizing animals inevitably leads to great cruelties. How wrong is this, since we have no need to eat any eggs or other animal foods? If you don’t like the idea of animal cruelty, then please go vegan.

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