Women Not Being Allowed in Marathons Seems Absurd Today

Katherine Switzer | Meat Your Future
Photo credits: Associated Press and John Tlumacki of Globe Staff

Kathrine Switzer was the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1967, even though women were not allowed to register and run in the marathon back then (and a race official even tried to physically stop her).

This remarkable woman recently made headlines again, running the Boston Marathon once more in 2017 at the age of 70, and reminding us how absurd it once was that women were not allowed to compete in marathons in the not so distant past.

Doing what everyone else is doing at a particular point in time does not necessarily mean you’re doing what is right or what makes sense.

Is this not also true for our current commoditization and exploitation of animals?

Do not be fooled by the ubiquitousness of animal products or their normalcy in today’s society.

The reality is that humans do not need to consume any animal products, and we are in fact healthier avoiding them. So, if we choose to continue consuming them, notwithstanding the lack of necessity, our actions (whether we realize it or not) are directly contributing to immense and needless injustice, cruelty and death for billions of helpless, sentient animals every year.

It’s a happy story that Katherine ran the same marathon 50 years later without fear of being removed from the race because she is a woman.

But with regard to the animals, we can do better and strive for a more peaceful and just world. Hopefully, someday, we will look back at today’s outdated and barbarous abuse and exploitation of animals as an absurd and cruel remnant of the past. Please make that day come sooner than later by going vegan today.

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