Animals Used For Fur Are Often Trapped by Their Leg

Animals Used For Fur Trapped by Their Leg | Meat Your Future

The reason we see animals used for fur without any fur on a limb is often because of the traps used to catch them.

There is no acceptable way to take an animal’s skin or fur without causing severe harm and suffering. Standard killing methods include electrocution, suffocation and skinning alive — with economics taking priority to prevent damage to the skin or fur.

When it comes to animals used for food, there is similarly no way around the immense cruelty, harm and suffering inflicted upon these animals, who fight desperately (but helplessly) until their last breath.

We do not need to consume any animal products for our health (and we are, in fact, healthier avoiding them). We also have no justification inflicting such harm for our most trivial of other interests (like “fashion”).

Please consider the implications of your food and consumption choices, and go vegan to withdraw your support for the horrors and suffering our society so thoughtlessly visits upon animals.

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