We Kill 11,000 of These Sea “Monsters” Every Hour – Who’s the Real “Monster”?

We Kill 11,000 of These Sea "Monsters" Every Hour - Who's the Real "Monster"? | Meat Your Future
Photo credit: Tanya Houppermans/Caters News Agency

Sharks have prowled the seas for more than 400 million years (far longer ago than even the dinosaurs). But they are now being killed-off in unprecedented numbers due to our global appetite for seafood as non-targeted “by-catch” in commercial fishing operations, as well as in the shark fin trade and recreational fishing.

Marine scientists from Dalhousie and other universities have issued dire warnings that we are killing approximately 100 million sharks per year (about 11,000 per hour), and that we’ve lost a staggering 90% of all large predatory fish. Scientists expect this to have severe negative and potentially cascading effects in our interconnected marine ecosystems.

Although we humans have a seemingly harmless appearance compared with these fierce ocean predators, it is us who are the real “monsters” here.

The good news is that we humans have no biological need whatsoever to eat any seafood (or any other animal foods for that matter), so we can end this onslaught today simply by going vegan and leaving animal foods (including fish) off our plates for good.

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