An Inconvenient Sequel – Animal Agriculture is Apparently Too “Inconvenient”

An Inconvenient Sequel - Animal Agriculture Is Just Too "Inconvenient" | Meat Your Future

Have you seen Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Sequel” yet? If so, what did you think?

We saw it yesterday, and were very disappointed that he didn’t go into animal agriculture’s enormous role in the climate crisis.

Perhaps, for Mr. Gore, it’s still just too “inconvenient” to acknowledge that — in addition to robust efforts to continue promoting clean energy — we also urgently need to move away from animal foods if we’re going to quickly and adequately tackle with climate change (not to mention this is needed for numerous other serious and converging environmental issues, like food and water security, loss of biodiversity, ocean dead zones, deforestation, and more).

BUT, the film is nonetheless very well done, and helps raise awareness of the undeniable and disastrous effects of burning fossil fuels, which is critically important. Combating climate change will require BOTH changing our energy production AND moving away from animal-based agriculture.

Unfortunately, the movie theater where we saw the film was also almost completely empty. It would be encouraging to at least see a more robust overall concern in these pressing environmental issues as well.

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