United Kingdom Selling Pig Semen To China

UK Selling Pig Semen to China | Meat Your Future
Photo: John Stanmeyer/VII/Corbis. Overcrowded pigs in a large-scale industrial farm in China

How many times have you heard someone say, “If we stopped eating animals, they would take over the world!”?

However, as we know, farmed animals only exist because they are continuously BRED into existence by the BILLIONS every year to meet our consumer demand for meat, dairy, eggs and other animal products.

In fact, trade deals are struck between counties to sell things like pig semen across the world to support this global mass force-breeding.

But, if the world transitioned away from animal products and to veganism, then demand would decrease with it, and fewer and fewer farmed animals would be bred into existence in the first place – until, hopefully, this institutional animal exploitation is finally phased out completely.

And this transition cannot happen soon enough. Animal agriculture plays a central devastating role in nearly every existential global environmental crisis we face – from climate change, to water and food security, to loss of natural habitats and species extinctions.

It’s also a moral crisis to continue force-breeding billions of these living, feeling, sentient individuals into existence just for a short life of cruel exploitation and suffering, followed by an untimely and violent death.

Humans have no biological need to consume any animal foods for our health (in fact, we are usually far healthier avoiding them altogether).

So, how many reasons do you need to withdraw your support for this outdated, unsustainable, and cruel practice of consuming animal products? For each of us with access to basic food options, it’s easy to go vegan today. What are you waiting for?

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