Bullfighting is Wrong, But Are We Inflicting Needless Violence Against Animals Too?

Are we inflicting needless violence against animals too? | Meat Your Future
Photo credit: Bulls Defenders United

Terrified and hopeless, this bull has been repeatedly wounded.

The matador is making some kind of gesture to his victim, right before killing him.

The look of confusion in the bull is heartbreaking – he is bewildered and doesn’t understand why he is being tortured.

We don’t understand it either. Why do we think it’s okay to torture and kill animals for entertainment? Or, for any unnecessary reason for that matter?

Although less obvious, eating animal foods involves equally needless cruelty imposed on innocent animals. Yet it’s something we used to support three times a day, with every meal.

There is no way to turn a living breathing animal into food without immense suffering and harm.

Please open your eyes to the implications of your daily choices, and go vegan. If you believe it’s wrong to unnecessarily harm animals like this bull, then going vegan is the only logical thing to do – for all animals.

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