Why So Much “Joy” in Killing an Animal?

Why So Much "Joy" in Killing an Animal? | Meat Your Future

We are one of the few species that intentionally causes systemic violence to members of our own species, and to also take “pleasure” in unnecessarily killing other animals too.

Today hunters stalk, lure, and kill animals for the joy of it. For the fun and the thrill. This violent “sport” leaves countless animals orphaned, and of course results in the prolonged and painful deaths of distressed and terrified animals.

This huntress claims she hunts to “fill up her freezer”. And this cruel activity could be excusable if it was out of necessity, if it was a life and death situation. However we humans have exactly zero biological need to consume any animal foods for our health (and, in fact, we are healthier avoiding them altogether). So there is no justification to intentionally harming and killing animals for food.

If you’re upset about trophy hunting, then good — you should be. The killing of these animals by trophy hunters is violent, unjustifiable, and completely unnecessary.

BUT…if you’re upset about trophy hunting, but still eating, wearing and exploiting animals yourself, then you need to think about that.

While there may be a psychological difference between those who trophy hunt and those who simply continue their socially-conditioned habits of eating and wearing animals, there is no moral difference between the two — both unnecessarily harm and kill animals for trivial purposes (enjoyment, pleasure, taste preference, etc.), which is a violent and morally unjustifiable act.

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