What Do His Eyes Tell You?

What Do His Eyes Tell You? | Meat Your Future

Is our imperative to not harm but protect animals not obvious in their eyes?

Other animals have been on this planet for millions and millions of years, long before humans existed. But, for some reason, we think they are all here for us. Wild animals, like the one in this image, are trapped by their paws and skinned for their fur. Elephants, for example, are used by humans to carry logs, perform tricks and killed for their husks. We think other animals are here to be eaten by us, or so we can wear and use their skin, or so we can blind them while we test cosmetics.

We don’t need to eat any animal foods whatsoever for our health, and, in fact, we are healthier by not eating them. And animal agriculture is causing severe environmental devastation (just as an example, raising animals for food is the leading driver of deforestation in the world). So, we are not only harming animals by eating them, we are hurting ourselves and our environment, and in a massive and devastating way.

When we talk about animal “rights” it’s really very simple. We’re talking about the one basic right to not be used as our property. Other animals are not mere “things” to be owned and exploited at our whim. They are sentient individuals who are here with us, not for us. Please go vegan.

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