A Baby Killing A Baby

A Baby Killing a Baby | Meat Your Future

For a moment, this sweet calf might actually think he found a friend in a human. But this little boy is actually going to use the baby calf for stabbing practice.

Calves are literally stabbed over and over by young humans as practice to learn “bullfighting” skills.

Can you imagine this young calf’s confusion and horror? He was separated from his mother, which already creates immense distress for the young animal. And when he is finally with a human who appears to be playing with him, he ends up being stabbed and tortured.

An unnecessary horror show, to say the least. But, horrors always result whenever we commoditize animals as mere “things” for our use – whether for entertainment, food, clothing or otherwise, and whether we directly impose the horror or we pay someone else to do it for us when we consume animal products.

When we consume dairy, for example, we are directly paying to kill innocent baby calves just like the one pictured here. Because dairy cows are repeatedly impregnated to get and keep them lactating, the excess calves are disposed of, often being sold for veal (or, indeed, in some cases, used for stabbing practice).

If you believe it’s wrong to impose unnecessary harm and death on animals, whether this calf or any other animal, then you are already compelled by your own beliefs to live vegan. If you’re not vegan already, please look into it. Going vegan is easy, it’s healthy, it’s better for the planet, and (last but not least) it’s the least we can do – for all animals.

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