Eating Animal Foods Means Supporting Great Cruelty

This cow was apparently discarded, which is not an uncommon occurrence in the livestock business.

Male calves are routinely killed, sold for veal or simply discarded by dairy farms (since they don’t produce milk), pigs and other animals who don’t grow as fast enough are also often discarded, and most of the male chicks born at hatcheries for egg laying hens are also discarded (as they will never lay eggs). Animals are “thrown away” as “waste” for many reasons in the livestock industry.

But, even if they are not so discarded, they still are violently killed for their flesh and byproducts.

Think about that. These sentient and complex beings are brought into this world, live short and miserable lives, and then are killed against their will.

All of this harm and death is all completely unnecessary, which makes it that much more heinous. We do not need to consume one single gram of animal foods for our health. In fact, we’re healthier avoiding animal foods altogether.

Countless animals share the fate of this poor cow, or worse, every single day. Please don’t support this needless violence by going vegan.

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