Do You Have Blood On Your Hands Too?

Do You Have Blood On Your Hands Too? | Meat Your Future
Photo credit: Jo-Anne McArthur (creator of We Animals and featured photographer in The Ghosts in Our Machine)

The man pictured above is holding a bull’s ears in each hand. In “bullfights” (which are not really “fights” but just animal torturing events), bulls are injured, over and over with swords, until they die a painful and agonizing death. The matador is sometimes “awarded” with the one or both ears of his victim, which are often cut-off while the bull is still alive.

This is a disgraceful scene of cruelty and unnecessary suffering. But what about the rest us? Do we also have blood on our hands?

If we’re consuming animal products – including chicken, beef, bacon, eggs, dairy or otherwise – then we do.

By buying and consuming animal products, we are directly paying for and supporting horrific cruelty, suffering and death imposed on countless billions of sentient animals. And, just like bullfighting, it is completely unnecessary.

While there are psychological differences between someone who bullfights versus someone who is simply continuing socially-conditioned and normalized habits of eating and wearing animals, there is no moral difference — both involve imposing harm and death on animals for unnecessary and easily avoidable purposes.

We can easily live healthy happy lives on a vegan diet, filled with delicious and nutritious plant foods. Please realize the utter cruelty behind all animal products and, in addition to rejecting barbaric traditions like bullfighting, please live vegan. If you think animals matter morally, then it’s the least we can do.

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