What Gives Us The Right To Slaughter?

What Gives Us The Right to Slaughter? | Meat Your Future
Photo: Huella Vegana

Please look into his eyes. He is about to be killed in a slaughterhouse. He’s terrified and is about to endure a horrifying and violent death.

Is our obligation to not harm, but protect, animals not obvious in his eyes?

Why do we insist on exploiting and slaughtering animals, when we have no need to do so?

We tell ourselves animals were “meant” to be used and eaten, and they suffer “very little” because our standards and modern technology ensures they only have “one bad day” and were treated (and somehow also slaughtered) “humanely”.

Labels like “high welfare,” “organic,” “farm raised,” “cage free,” “grass fed” and “humane” perpetuate the myth that so many people want to believe, dissuading serious recognition of the horrid reality we’ve created for animals.

But regardless of what we want to believe, the obvious truth is that there is simply no such thing as “humane” animal products. They do not (and literally cannot) exist.

Each animal is a complex individual who does not want to die – be they horse, chicken, fish, pig, cow, or any other species.

They struggle with desperate futility to protect their one and only precious life. There is simply no way around the immense cruelty and fear that is involved in exploiting animals.

Please understand that by consuming meat, dairy, eggs or other animal products, we are directly paying to impose severe harm and death on sentient animals.

Eating animal foods is completely unnecessary for our health, and we are in fact better off by not consuming any animal foods. So, if you care about animals at all, then please realize this and stop supporting it by going vegan.

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