Are Some Traditions Cruel and Outdated?

Are Some Traditions Cruel and Outdated? | Meat Your Future

We all grew up in a culture that uses and commodifies animals. Adults teach children that it’s acceptable, and it becomes a normalized part of tradition and culture.

But no matter how normal or ubiquitous it might seem, this idea that other animals are here for our use and dispose is cruel, antiquated, unsustainable and we believe flat wrong.

Other animals have existed on this planet for millions of years before humans, and our mass exploitation of them for food (and otherwise) is wrecking global havoc on the environment.

The livestock industry is the number one driver of deforestation and the largest land user on the planet (per United Nations and others).

And eating animals is completely unnecessary for our health (in fact, we are healthier by avoiding animal foods altogether).

Last, but certainly not least, using animals for food, clothing, experimentation, entertainment, and any other such purpose, involves horrific suffering, fear, and death for untold billions of sentient beings.

Please recognize that using animals is unnecessary and cruel. Please withdraw your participation from such needless cruelty by taking the easy step of living vegan.

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