Animal Use is Abuse

Animal Use is Animal Abuse | Meat Your Future

This donkey has a deformed back, likely from carrying things for humans.

We humans believe every creature on this planet is here for us to exploit as we wish – that donkeys and elephants are here to carry logs, that insects are here to be crushed for food dyes, that cows are to be impregnated so we can take their milk, that all animals are at our disposal to use and kill for their flesh, skins, feathers, fur, entertainment, experimentation, you name it.

But we think this is wrong, and in a big way.

Other animals are here with us, not for us. Indeed, other species have inhabited this planet for millions and millions of years before we humans even existed.

Our relentless use of animals is decimating the environment that supports us all, hurting our health, and causing immense suffering to the countless billions of sentient animals.

And no matter how “humanely” we may try to tell ourselves animals are treated, even under the very best of circumstances, the what animals we exploit endure could only be described as “torture” if humans were involved. Don’t fool yourself – all animal use is abuse and unjust.

Please do your part to help end this cruel exploitation by living vegan. It’s healthier for you, it’s urgently needed to help protect our environment, and it’s literally the minimum we morally owe to other animals.

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