They Lure Them With Urine and Kill Them With Rifles

They Lure Deer With Urine, and Kill Them with Rifles | Meat Your Future
Photo credit: Toby Melville/ Reuters

Did you know that deer urine is actually bottled and sold to hunters to help them lure their victims?

After setting this trap, they shoot the unsuspecting animal from afar and call it “sport”.

We are one of the few species that intentionally causes systemic violence to members of our own species, and to also take “pleasure” in unnecessarily killing other animals too.

Are we really a “civilization” worthy of that term? We think not. At least not yet.

Of course, even if we don’t hunt, when we consume animal foods (like meat, chicken, dairy and eggs), we are still paying others to brutalize and kill animals on our behalf. And that is no different morally from engaging in the violence against animals ourselves.

We hope our civilization can quickly move beyond these violent tendencies, and embrace more just and peaceful values. If you agree with nonviolence and believe it’s wrong to impose unnecssary harm and death on others, then — at a minimum — please go vegan to align your daily actions with your own values.

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