Who Cares if the Ocean is a Plastic Dump?

Who Cares if the Ocean is a Plastic Dump? | Meat Your Future
Photo credit: Justin Hofman

Most plastic doesn’t biodegrade, and much of it cannot even be recycled. When it gets into the oceans, it just breaks into smaller and smaller pieces of plastic, which makes it virtually impossible to clean and highly problematic for the health and survival of marine animals.

Yet we keep producing more and more of it, with an alarming (and increasing) amount of it finding its way to the ocean.

Currently, we produce over 300 million tonnes of plastic every year. And, this number continues to increase unabated with our growing population and consumption.

It’s not the fish’s fault that we decided to use this hazardous polymer. Nor is it their fault that we continue to produce more and more of it.

Yet it’s the fish (and all other marine animals) who are paying the ultimate price for our irresponsible and thoughtless ways.

Let’s clean up our act now. This “disposable” substance is not really disposable.

It also just so happens that living vegan is one of best actions you can take to help reduce the environmental stresses we are unsustainably imposing on ocean ecosystems. So, if you’re not doing so already, please familiarize yourself with these issues, go vegan, and be mindful of your consumption impacts (including seriously reducing or eliminating your plastic use).

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