Happy 103rd Birthday to Vegan Heart Surgeon Dr. Ellsworth Wareham!

Vegan Heart Surgeon Ellsworth Wareham Turns 103 | Meat Your Future

Happy birthday to Dr. Ellsworth Wareham, who turned 103 today! This hard working heart surgeon worked until the age of 95. The most recent news on him says that he still drives, walks up and down stairs, and has no significant physical or mental problems.

He credits his good health on his lifestyle and vegan diet, and said: “I never cared for any animal products, so with me it was a very easy thing to become vegan.”

Living vegan is not only healthy — it also removes our participation from the environmental devastation of animal agriculture and needless exploitation and slaughter of countless billions of helpless animals.

Click the image above to watch a video about Dr. Wareham.

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