“The Greatness of a Nation and its Moral Progress can be Judged by the Way its Animals are Treated”

Mahatma Gandhi Quote on Animals | Meat Your Future
Photo credit: LIFE Photo Archive

This insightful quote is credited to Mahatma Gandhi, whose birthday was earlier this week.

But if the greatness of a nation is truly determined by how its animals are treated, then no nation on Earth is anywhere close to “greatness” — at least not yet.

Our mass use of nonhuman animals is unnecssary and cruel. Animals are not mere “things” for our use and disposal. They are living, breathing, feeling and sentient beings, and they deserve our respect and protection.

We are also damaging our own personal health and the planet by consuming animals. What will it take for us to stop this destructive violence against the most vulnerable beings on the planet?

Please do whatever you can to raise awareness of these important issues, and (if you haven’t already) please withdraw your support for animal exploitation by going vegan.

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