What Animals Are You Wearing?

What Animals Are You Wearing? | Meat Your Future

This is an angora rabbit, after most of her fur has been torn off.

These docile and gentle animals spend their entire lives in small filthy cages, until they have enough fur to be ripped from their bodies.

If they don’t die from the shock and pain, they are put back into their cages to allow their fur to grow back and for the process to repeat.

There is no way to use and commoditize animals without turning their world into an absolute nightmare.

Be for meat, eggs, milk, leather, fur, wool or any other animal product, the reality is that using animals as our resources necessarily involves imposing severe harm, suffering and death.

We have no need to consume any animal foods for our health, and we certainly have no need to use animals for fashion. This means all of this horror is completely unnecessary. And, if that’s not bad enough, animal agriculture is also an unsustainable global environmental disaster.

Please consider the consequences of your food and consumption choices, familiarize yourself with these issues, and go vegan.

For all of us with access to food, clothing and other basic options, going vegan is a very easy and small adjustment in our daily lives – yet it means life itself for others.

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