The Price of Eating Animal Foods

Price of Eating Animal Foods | Meat Your Future

Although we don’t need to eat one ounce of animal foods, as a society, we nevertheless consume massive amounts of animal foods every day.

We mindlessly breed and kill billions of animals year-after-year, each of whom is a living, breathing, feeling individual, forcibly exploited and ultimately killed.

Can such a thing ever be done “humanely”? Of course not, and we believe it’s pure fantasy to think otherwise.

It would be more understandable if we required animal foods to survive. But we don’t, and we’re even healthier avoiding animal foods altogether.

So what’s our excuse for creating hell on earth for untold billions of other sentient beings? What do we have to say for ourselves?

Apart from the heinous suffering we create at an epic scale, let’s not forget that animal agriculture is also the leading driver of deforestation and all-around unsustainable environmental disaster.

Whatever your reason – health, planet, food and water security, nonviolence towards others, or all of the above – please stop consuming animal products. And please help raise awareness of these issues, and emphasize how very easy and important it is, for anyone and everyone with basic access to food options, to go vegan today.

Is the imperative to do so not obvious in this animal’s eyes.

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