Motherhood is a Relentless Nightmare for the Animals We Use for Food

Motherhood is a Relentless Nightmare for the Animals We Use for Food | Meat Your Future

Today is Mother’s Day. But as we celebrate this Sunday, and on all other days, the animals we breed and exploit for food are living through an unrelenting waking nightmare.

Pregnancy is forced upon them, repeatedly, just to have their babies used for food. We destroy their motherhood, we take their babies, we take their freedom, and we take their one and only precious lives. And we do this to BILLIONS of individual nonhuman animals every single year.

And for what?

(1) We humans have exactly zero biological need to consume any animal foods (and are, in fact, healthier avoiding them), (2) these animals are, in no important way, any different from the dogs, cats and other companion animals who we cherish and love, and (3) we are destroying our planet’s ecosystems and biodiversity as a result of the massively unsustainable environmental damage wrought by global animal agriculture.

It’s time to stop this madness and violence, on Mother’s Day, and on all other days. A mass global shift away from outdated, cruel and unsustainable animal products – and towards veganism and vegan food systems – cannot happen soon enough.

Please familiarize yourself with these issues, do whatever you can to raise awareness, and (if you’re not already) please go vegan for Mother’s Day and everyday hereafter.

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