Baby Rhino Poached at a Sanctuary

Baby Rhino Poached Inside a Sanctuary | Meat Your Future
Photo: SanWild Wildlife Sanctuary

A young rhino named Azi, and her mother, were just poached a few days ago for their horns, while inside a wildlife sanctuary.

Her mother was poached and killed as well, also inside the sanctuary.

Not too long ago, another rhino named Vince was similarly poached and killed while inside a zoo in France.

If these tragedies can happen inside the relative security of a sanctuary or zoo, what hope is there for the remaining free-living animals in the wild?

Biologists have concluded that we humans are currently driving the Sixth Mass Extinction in Earth’s biological history.

Millions of years of evolutionary history are literally being wiped-out forever due to the actions of one species: humans. We’re like an asteroid or volcano, only worse.

Although many rhino species are suffering severely due to poaching, the most substantial current driver of biodiversity loss is habitat destruction – with the number one cause of global deforestation being ANIMAL AGRICULTURE (per UN FAO).

So, if you think it’s wrong to harm animals like Louise unnecessarily, and you believe we need to protect biodiversity and our planet, then please align your values with your daily actions and live vegan. Being vegan is easy and it’s literally the very least we owe to other animals.

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