The Purpose of an Elephant is to Work in the Logging Industry?

The Purpose of an Elephant is to Work in the Logging Industry? | Meat Your Future

Wild elephants are being captured and enslaved to work carrying and pulling heavy logs for humans.

They are exhausted and isolated, while being forced to “work” in the destruction of their own habitats.

Animals are not here for us, they are here with us. And, if you’re upset about this abuse of elephants, then good. We are too.

But…if you’re upset about this, but still eating, wearing and exploiting animals yourself, then please think about that.

Humans have exactly zero biological need to consume any animal foods for our health (and, in fact, we can be healthier avoiding them).

Additionally, consumption of animal foods is causing severe environmental devastation and loss of biodiversity, as natural habitats are destroyed for the #1 cause of deforestation: animal agriculture.

If you respect animals, then in addition to standing up for elephants, please stand up for all animals by going vegan. It’s the very least we owe to all animals – be they elephant, fish, chicken, cow or pig. It simply means not harming them when we don’t have to.

Going vegan also happens to be the most positive impactful action you can take for the environment and to help preserve the natural habitats on which elephants and so many other species depend.

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