Who Are You Eating?

WHO Are You Eating? | Meat Your Future
Photo: Amanda Kopp/Solent

What we choose to eat has profound implications on others.

Eating animal foods requires the continuous force-breeding of billions of sentient animals into existence, born for the knife.

These animals (who are in no important way any different from the cats and dogs many cherish and share our homes with) endure heartbreaking separations, fear, suffering, mutilations, and – of course – a premature and violent death.

We do not require any animal foods for our health. As such, we can easily end this mass violence against the most innocent beings on the planet if we collectively have the will to do so – simply by not consuming any more animal foods or other animal products.

As no small added benefit, balanced vegan diets also happen to be very healthy, and going vegan is one of the most impactful positive actions each of us can take for the planet.

Please do not support this destructive and unnecessary violence against the vulnerable. Please familiarize yourself with these issues and go vegan.

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