Torturing Animals is a Disgrace; Eating Them is Equally Unjust

Torturing a Confused Animal is a Disgrace, But Eating Animal Foods is Equally Unject | Meat Your Future
Photo: Stop Bullfighting

This bull is confused, scared, and about to die, after being tortured for our entertainment. He’s does not understand why he keeps being stabbed.

It is frankly disgraceful that we think ourselves as civilized, yet we continue to torture and kill animals.

While less obvious, eating animal foods also involves equally needless cruelty imposed on frightened and innocent animals. It’s less obvious only because eating and using animals is so normalized all over the world.

But there is no way to turn a living breathing animal into food or other products without immense suffering and harm.

And, we don’t need to eat ONE SINGLE GRAM of animal foods. Eating exclusively plant-based foods is perfectly adequate, and in fact even healthier.

So, we really have no excuse to kill and harm billions of animals — neither a poor bull like the one pictured here, nor the billions of other cows, chickens, pigs, fish, sheep, and other animals used for food.

In addition, animal agriculture is an unsustainable global environmental disaster of epic proportions.

Please open your eyes to the implications of your daily choices, and go vegan. If you believe it’s wrong to unnecessarily harm animals like this bull, then going vegan is the only logical thing to do – for all animals.

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