Why Does This “Do It Yourself” Project Spark So Much Outrage?

Why does this "do it yourself" project spark so much outrage? | Meat Your Future
Photo credit: marketmanila .com

Apparently, it’s common practice in some rural areas to sell LIVE pigs, tied-up and immobilized like those pictured here. This means you get to kill and “clean” the pig yourself.

Some people, who otherwise eat animal foods, say they find this sort of thing absolutely revolting. They would much rather just buy their animal foods at a restaurant or grocery store (which is what most people all over the world do anyway).

But why does it matter who did the killing?

The answer is, it doesn’t, at all. There is no moral difference between doing the killing yourself versus paying someone else to do the killing for you.

Certainly, there’s a psychological difference between engaging in old habits of buying animal foods that bear little resemblance to individual animals, versus killing those animals with your own hands. But, make no mistake about it, there’s absolutely no *moral* difference between the two.

Every single animal who is used for food does not want to be harmed and killed, and they resist (and often fight furiously for their lives) with fear and horror, until the very end.

We don’t need to eat any animal foods. So, all this killing, no matter who does it, is completely unnecessary and extremely tragic.

Please respect all sentient beings, embrace nonviolence, take responsibility for your choices, and go vegan. It’s easier than even to do, and it’s the only morally consistent response if you believe it’s wrong to harm others when you don’t have to.

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