Burning a Bull is Unjustifiable; So is Eating Animals

Burning a Bull is Unjustifiable; So is Eating Animals | Meat Your Future

It’s easy to point fingers when we see bulls having their horns burned in Spain or dogs being eaten in China.

But do we dare look in the mirror at what WE are doing?

It’s heartbreaking to see a terrified bull being tortured by humans. It’s beyond disheartening that members of our species think this “tradition” is okay to continue doing to them.

But, while sometimes less obvious, eating animal foods also involves equally needless cruelty imposed on innocent animals. Yet it’s something we ourselves once supported, three times a day, with every meal.

Obviously, there can be psychological differences between someone engaged in bull “fighting” or burning their horns, versus eating a turkey sandwich, etc. But, nevertheless, for the animals, the end result is the same.

There is no way to turn a living, breathing animal into food without immense suffering and harm.

We have no biological need to consume any animal foods for our health (in fact, we are healthier avoiding them). Additionally, animal agriculture is an environmental disaster and the number one driver of deforestation. Living vegan also happens to be one of the most effective actions you can take as an individual to reduce your impact on the planet.

Please open your eyes to the implications of your daily choices, and go vegan. If you believe it’s wrong to unnecessarily harm animals like this bull, then going vegan is the only logical thing to do – for all animals.

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