Are Animals Here for Our Use and Disposal?

Hopefully, this is a rhetorical question, and the answer is no.

Nevertheless, we humans breed and kill animals by the billions every year, for leather, wool, fur, meat, dairy and eggs.

There is no acceptable way to take an animal’s skin, fur, eggs, milk or flesh without imposing severe pain and fear.

Animals fight desperately (but helplessly) for their lives – just as we would if we were in their place.

We do not need to consume any animal products for our health (and we are, in fact, healthier avoiding them). And, we certainly have no justification inflicting such harm for our most trivial of other interests (like for leather, wool, or fur).

Please consider the implications of your food and consumption choices, and go vegan to withdraw your support from the horrors and suffering our society so thoughtlessly visits upon animals.

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