Trophy Hunting versus Eating Animals – What’s the Difference?

Trophy Hunting versus Eating Animals - What's the Difference? | Meat Your Future

From the perspective of the victim, there is no difference between what Tess Thompson Talley did to this giraffe compared to fishing, eating animal foods, or wearing leather, etc.

While there may be psychological differences between those who hunt (or fish), and those who simply continue socially-conditioned and normalized habits of eating and wearing animals, there is no moral difference — all such actions involve imposing harm and death on animals for unnecessary and easily avoidable purposes.

It’s also worth noting that our global addiction to meat and other animal foods is grossly unsustainable, and is now causing severe environmental devastation and loss of biodiversity as natural habitats are destroyed for the number-1 cause of deforestation: animal agriculture.

So, if you think it was wrong to hunt and kill this giraffe — if you think it’s wrong to needlessly harm and kill animals — then the only rational response to accepting that is (at a minimum) to live vegan.

Going vegan also happens to be very healthy and one of the most positive impactful actions you can take for the environment and to help preserve the natural habitats on which giraffes and so many other species depend.

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